Margaret Atwood evening

Picture of MargaretOne-off QandA session held 11 Oct 7.30pm at York Theatre Royal with the prolific Canadian author to discuss her new work Hag Seed and others in the varied back catalogue. This current title is a modern rewrite of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. See venue website or public Facebook event for more information.

Tickets are available with a pre-signed hardback book (26 GBP) or without (12 GBP). Please have final numbers by 17 Sep to Seren via Facebook post. You can also email us and the message will be passed on. She needs to purchase all tickets before her holiday! She is happy to buy a block and be reimbursed on the actual day. UPDATE: 10 Sep – Tickets are selling fast so final call for numbers!

The book group read one of her first novels The Edible Woman previously and her most famous work The Handmaid’s Tale earlier this year, both of which generated much discussion – so it should be an interesting and entertaining evening.


About sherdnerdess

All round sci-fi and web geek who also enjoys reading and feminist discussions. I am an archaeologist by training, specialising in prehistory and science, later computing. I also have a considerable interest in Japanese language and culture. I currently working in clinical data management.
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